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Our Mission

At Ursaworks at WashU, we strive to advance the next generation of robotics development and industry development. Our focus is to gather passionate students who are excited to innovate and inspire, regardless of discipline or background. We hope to nurture and develop talent through competition and diligence.

Our Robot

Each year, the RoboMaster Competition challenges teams to create design and build robots to play a paintball-like game. Last season, we designed, built, and tested the following robots.


The Standard is a small but quick ground robot. These robots launch 17mm pellets and have a high fire rate. As a result, they deal and receive most of the robot-on-robot damage during matches. In our design, we've added the method of gyroscope, which allows the chassis of the robot to rotate while moving. The gimbal of the robot remains stable and aiming. This mechanism makes it less likely for hostile robots to hit our armor plate, resulting in a reduction in our health count.

The RMUL Competition

The RoboMaster University Championship is an annual global robotics contest with 200+ universities. Hosted by DJI, it empowers students to showcase skills and push boundaries. Robots in a grand arena tackle challenges, controlled by operators using onboard cameras. Matches involve disarming opponents' robots and bases, calculating damage through pressure-sensitive plates from launched projectiles. The event applies classroom-taught skills in computer vision, embedded systems, and mechanical design practically.

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Meet Our Team

Bruce Li
treasurer | driver | CV
Amanda Deng
Alan Shao
general member
Max Liu
mechanical | media
Anny Qiao
vice president | embedded system | mechanical
Jeffrey Wang
Mark Quan
president | embedded system | mechanical design
Christine Li
David Wang
吴桐 (Tong Wu)
electrical support
Steven Luyapan (Steven)
mechanical design
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